Modern style in design

The motto of an interior in modern style is "nothing superfluous". In the room has to be a furniture minimum, and the decor is reduced to laconism.

The main features of the modern style - accurate and simple lines, the correct geometrical forms, the functionality of home decoration, quiet tone with bright accents, a combination of various invoices. Often at the decoration of the walls in a modern interior one wall highlight with color or texture.

The drawing room shouldn't be blocked up with furniture therefore an optimal variant is an angular sofa.
The most popular shades of modern style - gray, beige, white, black.

The modern style in an interior especially is suitable for registration of kitchen, he differs in functionality, convenience, and comfort. All kitchen furniture has to bring a benefit maximum, at the same time the quantity her has to be minimum.

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Kiev, RC "Fine Town" Watch Project
Kiev, RC "Fine Town"
Kiev, RC "Fine Town" Design project 2021
Irpin, Irpen Lipki (80 sq.m.) Watch Project
Irpin, Irpen Lipki (80 sq.m.)
Irpin, Irpen Lipki (80 sq.m.) Design project 2021
Kiev, RC "A52" Watch Project
Kiev, RC "A52"
Kiev, RC "A52" Design project 2021
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Modern style in an interior

As time doesn't stand still, and even last year it is already difficult to call events or fashionable tendencies modern. It is difficult to squeeze such styles of an interior in time frames and to call everything them from the first to the last. It is simpler to describe the main features and tendencies.

Features of the organization of space

Today existence of limited space and a large number of things and equipment is characteristic of the majority of houses and smart apartments. The modern design is designed to expand borders and to reduce the number of unnecessary trifles, thereby doing the life of owners of the room more comfortable and pleasant. Lines of this style:

  • the simplicity maximum isn't present difficult textures, stratification of flowers;
  • forms of the correct geometry it concerns furniture, home decoration, decor, and rooms;
  • maximum open space the more ergonomically furniture is placed, the more useful space is released. It is also possible to increase visually the room, correctly selecting color scale;
  • the modern interior of the house provides an abundance of natural lighting therefore windows have to be big. The square which is badly lit by natural light needs to be added with dot illumination;
  • use of natural materials: it is a lot of glass, a stone, a tree and metal designs.

The interior in modern style which photo is present on the Internet much means total absence of curtains at windows and use of the built-in cases for the economy of space. In upholstered furniture, there is no intricacy she simple and oversized. In many glass surfaces, the partitions reflecting light and giving to an easy interior. For private houses, popular are glass facades and a roof. It is connected with the desire of the person to return to nature, but not to refuse all conveniences of the present.

Color schemes in the modern design of apartments

Now the market offers an abundance of materials and flowers, but modern interior design has to be the simplest. Walls are most often painted in white, it in addition expands space and simplifies to designer's selection of furniture and decor.

A favorite method of designers is the zoning of space, for this purpose, the combination of white and black colors, as well as possible, will approach. Let's say in the studio apartment with white walls kitchen, the dining room and a drawing room of a zone can be divided into 3 parts by means of the surfaces painted in black color. Black furniture can also be the central object indoors.

Having seen the modern design of apartments on a photo of our website from a portfolio, you will see monochrome color schemes or options of pastel tones. The second option looks much more warmly and more softly, is well packed with natural wooden furniture.

How to pick up furniture in the modern interior of the apartment?

Any bulky objects. Therefore the accurate sliding wooden case is "yes", bulky clothes - is unambiguous "no". It is better to make him built-in or in general to allocate a certain room for things if the quadrature allows.

In upholstered furniture skin and metal, details are to the maximum combined. The leather upholstery does chairs and sofas by more solid, and metal legs give to ease and clearness. On sofas there are no armrests, they maneuverable and can quickly change the arrangement in an interior. Transforming furniture which turns, for example, from wall shelves into a desk became a popular decision. It in addition helps to save space.

Interiors of apartments in modern style often complement with simple furniture from natural wood. Sometimes there is a feeling that wood is badly processed or everything is hammered together quickly, but similar simplicity is a feature of this style.

How to decorate a modern interior?

As for decor in a modern interior, it is necessary to use exclusively useful and practical objects, for example, a mirror, lighting fixtures, hours, new household appliances, etc.

Main rules of decor:

  • minimum use of accessories;
  • monochrome or easy frames for pictures;
  • instead of bulky curtains and curtains - blinds, the Roman curtains or a window without curtains, but with the special not translucent covering from outer side;
  • floor without carpets or with small rugs with high pile;
  • from floor coverings a parquet, a tile under a stone, laminate, a bulk floor;
  • decor objects laconic, it is desirable from natural materials.

Interior design in a modern style has to be reserved and contains only useful home decoration and decor. To issue space, to pick up the color scale, furniture, and home decoration you will be helped by the studio of design and architecture of Simpeks Design. You call us according to the number on the website.