Construction by Simpeks Design

Construction is the beginning of everything new, therefore this business must be left to our professionals!

The entire construction process is organized in such a way as to completely relieve you of all the difficulties and worries that arise during the construction of a house.
We are fully responsible for the quality of work and materials, as well as for the timing of the work that you need and have been agreed in advance.
We have all the tools you need to build a quality home.
We are constantly updated and filled with new ideas to improve our service for your comfort!

Completed projects
Glukhov, Cottage Watch Project
Glukhov, Cottage
Glukhov, Cottage Design project
vil. Lesniki, Cottage Watch Project
vil. Lesniki, Cottage
vil. Lesniki, Cottage Design project
Bucha City. Private house Watch Project
Bucha City. Private house
Bucha City. Private house Design project