Soundproofing by Tecsound

TECSOUND is a high density, synthetic sound insulation membrane based on polymer and felt. This is a unique material that is produced in Spain and has no analogues in Ukraine. It is excellent for soundproofing residential premises: apartments, offices, houses, as well as for commercial premises: offices, restaurants, fitness rooms, etc.

The main advantage: environmental friendliness and a high sound insulation coefficient with a small thickness. In combination with sound-absorbing materials (mineral wool, foam rubber), TECSOUND allows achieving high levels of additional sound insulation in the entire frequency range.

It should be noted that TECSOUND membrane and rock wool are complementary materials. TECSOUND is a dense, heavy membrane that reduces the resonance effects of soundproofing cladding (soundproofing dips) due to its viscosity and elasticity. Basalt wool or fiberglass wool acts as an absorber - it reduces the "drum effect" inside the structure.

Having unique technical characteristics, the material is rightfully considered the leader in the European soundproofing materials market. The products meet all international standards.

Briefly about the material:

  • Certified in Europe and Ukraine
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Fire certificate: Euroclass B, s2, d0 or G1.
  • High sound insulation at low thickness
  • The presence of units of typical building structures
  • Excellent aging resistance. The service life of the material is unlimited.
  • Can be applied to uneven surfaces:
  • High elasticity and flexibility, without tearing and brittleness;
  • High adhesion to various materials (strong self-adhesive layer).
  • Large mass and small volume
  • Resistant to various temperatures (from -40 to +100).
  • There is no smell.

At the moment, all insulating materials and systems have two drawbacks: large thickness and / or heavy weight. In other cases, the sound insulation coefficient is quite low. We offer a solution to these problems, as well as ensure maximum results with the help of TEXOUND materials.

Soundproofing is not a luxury, soundproofing is a must for a comfortable life!

Completed projects
RC Hertsin Park, Membrane Tecsound Watch Project
Membrane Tecsound
RC Hertsin Park, Membrane Tecsound