The Japanese style in design

Basis of the Japanese style - simplicity, environmental friendliness, and functionality. The main materials - a tree, a rattan, a bamboo, a bast mat.

The use of a contrast combination of light and dark colors is explained by philosophy about unity yuan.

As partitions serve sliding or mobile screens that easily transform space. Light in the Japanese interior muffled, disseminated, paper lamps and the silk, painted with hieroglyphs lampshades are often used.

The decor is minimum: porcelain vases, engravings, drawings of an Oriental cherry, bamboo, Buddha's figurine which will help to create the atmosphere of the Land of the rising sun.

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We combine the Japanese style in an interior with the European traditions

Now the relevance of exact copying of this style has decreased. Delicate hints, easy stylization of the room with preservation of high sofas, tables, chairs, beds, habitual for Europeans, are more appreciated. Authentic, truly Japanese style in an interior of the Ukrainian houses, very popular some time ago, gradually changes.

Besides, stylization allows owners of housing to decorating walls with photos, pictures, amateur works, other accessories. In a word, the Japanese style of an interior with the Ukrainian identity is fashionable now.

Most often designers use the following methods:

  • The futon is replaced with a mattress with the set of pillows raised over a floor;
  • The European "Japanese" style in the interior of the apartment allows the existence of bright color accents;
  • It is obligatory to eat a sofa in a drawing-room;
  • Together with ikebana, bonsais can stand on little tables knickknacks, and walls decorated with pictures or posters;

In a word, a harmonious interior in the Japanese style a connection of European comfort with the Japanese mood.

The stylized Japanese style in an interior of different rooms

When owners want to keep a habitual set of furniture, it is possible to give to a room interior light style of the country setting the sun if:

  • To buy unusual furniture;
  • To place a bamboo decor on walls;
  • It is correct to hang out lamps.

Where there is less furniture, it is easier to free the square and to fill her with harmony. It is simpler to create with own hand Japanese style of an interior in the bedroom.

If you like silkscreens, consider that they suit small apartments only as an ornament. Completely it is possible to estimate the functional convenience of this thing in the spacious room with open planning.

By rules of design, regardless of whether stylization at you or full authenticity, the Japanese style has to have:

  • Laconic color scheme. Shades have to be muffled, natural, the maximum is allowed to use three primary colors;
  • Simple furniture. Refuse classical chairs and sofas, pay attention to minimalism;
  • It is a lot of space. It is ideal if in the room there aren't enough objects or there is the true asceticism;
  • Only natural materials in finishing and objects of decor.

The easy, original, filled with air, and natural Japanese interior is capable to release your internal energy.