Hot trends in interior design this summer


Summer is not only a time of vacations, incredible rest, but also a great time to renovate your house, or if not renovate, then at least refresh your premises with some new details: curtains, chairs, lamps, or vases. Today we will introduce you to the hottest destinations this summer, so be patient, be careful and read on if you don't want to miss the important thing.

In the summer we don't spend much time at home, because we often go somewhere, or prefer to walk a lot or relax somewhere with friends. But, if at the height of summer we are caught by such whimsical weather as this year, then, of course, we don't want to go out of our house somewhere. Much in your mood at this time depends on how your room is equipped. If you decide to refresh its interior with new trendy details, then this year you definitely need to think about purchasing macrame items that will decorate: your pillows, floor rugs, small wall paintings. Linen textiles, hand-made robots, or high-quality machine robots will look very good in your home this summer.

Accessories made of vine and metal are just something incredible, it would seem so simple and affordable, but this is really the trend of this season because fashionable not only handbags made of the natural vine but also a variety of chairs, tables, boxes, mirrors framed by this technique. Therefore, if you have something like this somewhere in the attic, quickly take it out, reanimate it and fit it into your interior, you will not be mistaken with the choice and will be very fashionable.
For girls who love ice cream and macaroni, the current trend of flowers will be a pleasant gift, because this summer this range simply exceeds all expectations. You can combine all of these colors in one room, or weave them with delicate pastel colors and enjoy a sense of brightness and uniqueness. Pink doors, blue chairs, golden chandeliers, light green vases — you can harmoniously combine everything that you need in your home and be very bold in it, the time for change has come, so they need to use it.


Geometric ornaments were fashionable in 2017, but now they are not ignored, they only slightly expand their horizons, because this year geometric ornaments are fashionable to be applied to walls or special partitions for a room. Do you know that this seemingly modern trend has its origins in Ukraine since ancient times, because look at the ornaments on embroidered shirts, which are the whole heritage of our nation, many years ago the geometric ornaments of Western Ukrainian embroidered shirts adorned them, reflecting the geometric structures of the mountains, these ornaments were used to enhance not only embroidered shirts, but also tablecloths, pillows, towels, and carpets, and through the centuries everything only improved the axis, and became a whole direction in design.

Flowerpots this summer also do not go unnoticed. Investing in landscaping your home is very practical because your house filled with flowerpots will look stylish — this time, and secondly — you will greatly help your health by enriching the premises with oxygen. You can stop your choice on various hanging flowerpots or on flowerpots with tall beautiful pots, in a word, everything that you like will fit beautifully into your interior, will be modern and stylish.

This summer, the golden color has filled not only the fashion industry but also the interior design industry. All connoisseurs of this color can safely choose bedside tables, armchairs. Golden looks elegant and self-sufficient, thanks to it your interior is enriched in the truest sense of the word.

Bold pop colors are hitting all the leadership positions this season.

This style can boldly express the character of the owner himself, do not be afraid of brightness and combination, against the background of pastel shades, you can easily use a bright palette: carpets, paintings, textiles or curtains, or some design tricks, everything is appropriate and the opportunity to experiment, here it is simply open in front of you.

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